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Building a new civilization


What is Archiverse?

Archiverse is an NFT Architectural event by Metarchitect DAO. In the current Web3 context, Metarchitect is also a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) developed on Near Protocol Blockchain that focuses on onboarding and encourages Architects to leverage their skills and accelerate their value proposition in digital competition. Thereby, they can spread their wings on the Web3 ecosystem by diving more through new experiences and opportunities. Archiverse is expected to be the biggest NFT Architectural event, at least in Asia, open for Architects ranging from students to professionals.

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Building a new civilization

and get total award $2,000

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What is event's theme?


Post-apocalyptic is the theme brought to this event. It is a situation following a world wide disaster. As to the considerable destruction it causes, apocalypse threatens the existence of world’s population to vanish. In post-apocalyptic. The surrounding are rendered to be hell-like situation with tremendous amount of toxicites and hazards, thereby makes it as a hostile environment to inhabit. So, what do we do then? Think? Act?

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What do you build?

You have to build some city with your imagination related to the future and new civilization building after post-apocalyptic.

Timeline of the Event



Video tutorial is here!

How to create NEAR Wallet

How to mint your NFT

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