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What is Exteria?

Exteria takes the concept of Steampunk technological developments in the 19th century. The city relies on diesel, steam power, or even counterweighted clockwork technology to run. The atmosphere of life in the Victorian era where identical women wore corsets, men wore small hats and brought gear-encrusted guns and a steamy vibe that can be felt at every end of Exteria Street. Airships, big cargo vehicles, and steam trains are the main vehicles at Exteria. 

The sun rises along with the whisper of burning embers and the rattling of the teeth on every facility and technology around. Lots of giant gears. Huge black clouds for rampant industrial expansion. Wires everywhere for trolley/cable cars going in all directions. Giant hammers making loud banging sounds in the background as a industrial worker walks away through the fire sparks and machine steam. Exteria marks the foundation of the first industrial revolution in planet earth.

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