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Empowering real-world architects to control their intellectual property rights through NFT and metaverse technologies.
We are initiating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of "In Real Life" architects and builders, and a metaverse-linked platform to connect their metaverse designs to real-world buildings.

What are the purposes of Metarchitect?

These are our main concepts of Metarchitect

Improving the value of Architects

Metarchitect Community aims to help architects. As 3D creations are subject to intellectual property issues, the presence of Web3 can enable architects to protect their copyrights, design patent, and trademark rights. It is done through the immutable feature recorded through blockchain ledger, verified by decentralized communities. In addition, Architects can now accelerate the monetization of their digital creations by selling 3D products/designs e.g., as an NFT and services through decentralized community via Web3 marketplaces or launchpads.


Metarchitect as a services helps the creators/collectors in Web 3 for a visualized space and event management on Metaverse such as Primartverse, A+M, Concert, etc

Metarchitect Event


Metarchitect Academy

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