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What is Nestsylum?

Nestylum will take on the desert atmosphere on Mars. The civilization that was successfully built from space exploration was triggered by an old earth condition, vulnerable to climate change, rising temperatures, to sea levels that began to swallow every city. An alternative living location is needed for the survival of mankind, scientists have succeeded in finding a way to live on mars with special technologies that have been developed such as spacecraft, and a living dome. 

The heat shield barrier has been developed to protect humans living on Mars and powered by technology that utilises solar power. Such discovery allows a new settlement in space to be inhabited. The exploration rover, which is the main vehicle for Nestsylum, has developed into a fast rover and cargo rover. The solar-powered train has also become one of the public transportation facilities used by residents in Nestsylum. The views of the dusty desert, state-of-the-art technology, and up-close stellar views are the hallmarks of nestsylum. 

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